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TrunkDB is a secure cloud-based database service designed by and for researchers.

Collaborate on data collection and analysis with your colleagues, and publish selective datasets online to embed in project websites or to use with other visualisation tools. TrunkDB includes simple web-based editing tools for designing and modifying schemas, and for creating queries without needing to use SQL. You can also import your existing data from Microsoft Access or other desktop-based database applications. Most importantly, your data is always yours, and you're free to export it at any time.

Paying for cloud services from a research group can be complicated using credit cards or special enterprise agreements with your central IT service, so to keep things simple we take payments using standard university purchase orders. This means you can purchase database storage for your research project in advance from your project budget, for example so that your data remains available even after the project budget closes.

Best of all, you can get started now for free using your UK university login.


Collaborate with colleagues

You can invite colleagues from any institution connected to the UK Access Management Federation to work on your projects and share data.

Publish public datasets

TrunkDB lets you use queries to create a subset of your database, and share it as a dataset, either privately or publicly. Public datasets can be used to drive visualisations and tables on other websites and apps using our API.

Import from Microsoft Access

You can import an Access database directly into TrunkDB and start working with it online.

Multiple database versions

Data collection doesn't end with publication! Each TrunkDB database consists of a main, milestone and test version, enabling you to keep working on your data after you've "frozen" a version for archiving.

Embed live data in other applications

Using either our easy-to-use API, or direct access using ODBC, you can embed your data in other applications, for example Jupyter

Simple query tools

Our simple query builder lets you create database queries without writing SQL, and save the results as a dataset to share or reuse.


We offer a range of price points to suit different research budgets.

All our subscriptions can be purchased in advance using a purchase order rather than as a monthly payment. This makes it easier to purchase database services for projects, particularly Where you want your datasets to be available after the formal end of the project.

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Ideal for trying out the service or for PhD students. Create a single project with a 1mb database for free.



Our basic offering for individual researchers; up to 3 projects each with 3 databases of up to 16Mb each.



Our standard offering for researchers; you can have any number of projects, each with three databases of up to 1Gb each



For organisations wanting to host TrunkDB in their own data centre, or for us to provide dedicated hosting for their researchers.

Privacy and Security

Built with security at the center

All interactions with your data are audited by our software to ensure accountability, and all services are built around a common, well-tested security framework (Apache Shiro).

Where is your data being stored?

Your data is hosted by Microsoft in its North European data centres ensuring full protection of privacy law. We will never host it in another region unless specifically directed by an institution as part of an Enterprise plan.

What about personal information?

We will never share information about our users with a third party. However, when it comes to your subject's privacy, you should follow your university or departmental data protection policy; this usually means not storing any sensitive personal information in the databases you host with us. Instead you should follow best practice on keeping subjects anonymous.

Services and Support

Built by and for researchers

TrunkDB has its origins in research, and all our developers are current or former researchers, so we're ideally placed to help you use our service.

Enterprise support when you need it

Enterprise-level support is available for those who need it from our dedicated team.

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