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Frequently asked questions

Whats the relationship between TrunkDB and ORDS?

ORDS was a project at the University of Oxford - the Online Research Database Service. When we at Cetis LLP developed this with the team Oxford so that it could be used by any university, we found that most researchers were happier to use a simple hosted service rather than try to set up the software themselves (or get their IT service team to do it for them) so we created TrunkDB as a commercial offshoot.

Can I get my data out of TrunkDB?

You can publish datasets from your database, either publicly or just within your project team. You can also export any of your databases at any time. If you're using our paid services and run out of credit, we'll package the data up and return it so it can be archived by your library or a service like Arkivum. The data is always yours.

How secure is my data with TrunkDB?

Nothing is ever 100% secure, but we make best effort to protect your data using security best practices. We host data in the cloud using Windows Azure in the Northern Europe region, and use standard security frmameworks and standards throughout. If there is ever a security problem, we'll let you know immediately. Regardless, you should never store data in the cloud where that contravenes your institution's policies; typically, you shouldn't keep sensitive personal information about subjects along with your research data in a way that would allow individuals to be identified.

We'd like to run TrunkDB in our university - can you help?

Yes! We're happy to help your IT team get it set up. Alternatively, we can manage an instance for you on Azure separately from the shared offering if you like. Get in touch with us at and we'll discuss your requirements.

I found a bug!

We love bug reports - you can report it on Github and track our efforts to fix it there.